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Queen Elizabeth

3rd July 2019

Lanchester cars have a long association with member of the Royal Family. Albert, Duke of York purchased a 40hp Lanchester limousine in 1925, establishing a long history of royal support for the Lanchester brand. The future George VI’s daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, made her first public appearance in this same car at only six weeks old. After the abdication crisis when King George ascended the throne Frank Lanchester was able to accquire a Royal Warrant for the Lanchester Motor Company.

Frank was held in such high esteem that he was chosen to welcome King George VI to Coventry when he arrived at Tile Hill Station, taking the King on a tour of the Shadow Factories that were being built in the run up to World War II in 1938. After the war the Royal Family continued to use Lanchester cars in a personal capacity with the press letting people know that Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh made use of a Eighteen saloon, GX 6 during their honeymoon.

Across the globe Lanchester’s proved popular with other royal familieis including several Maharajahs in India and Prince Bertil of Sweden who purchased a saloon in 1952.

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