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1st Principles of Flight Aerodynamics

1st Principles of Flight. Aerodynamics

Fred published his profound book “aerodynamics”, which detailed his analusis and theories on flight


Aerodonetics Published

Fred published “Aerodonetics” his second book on flight, which together with “Aerodynamics” became volumes 1 and 2 of “Aerial Flight” Fred receives the Bronze Medal award for his paper at the Aeronautical Society.

Aerodonetics Published


Aircraft in Warfare

Aircraft in Warfare book Published

Fred published his controversial paper ‘Aircraft in Warfare; the dawn of the fourth arm’, which calculated the power of air attacks in war. It was used in many countries and later converted into a business strategy, and is still in use as such today.


Began Exporting Cars

Fred publishes his theories in response to Einstein’s 1915 Theory of Relativity. Lanchesters became first British company to export cars.

Began Exporting Cars


Poetry and Verse

Fred published ‘Lakeland Story’ under his pseudonym of Paul Netherton-Herries. Fred published his theories on Relativity.

Poetry and Verse


Musical Scale

Fred Published his “Musical Scale”

Musical Scale

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